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Asari Education
Academy Group


About Us

Asari Education Academy Group operates several nursery schools,
kindergartens, and certified childcare centers in Hokkaido.
Our goal is to nurture children's confidence so they can excel in the future.



Ah! So! Bo!
(“Ah-so-bo” is Japanese for “Let's play.”)
We encourage children to discover their interests
by creating an environment that supports their natural curiosity.
Play is central to this. We believe that play facilitates children's growth and development.
Children become engrossed in exploring their interests
as friends and adults support them in learning about themselves.
Through this process of discovery and affirmation,
children gain confidence and experience a joy of accomplishment
that will be ingrained in their mind, body, and soul.
Through play, we nurture children's confidence to excel
and enable them to lead vibrant lives now and in the future.

“Ah! So! Bo!” Cycle of Nurturing

Children's Independence

Children recognize their curiosity
and find more and more things they want to do.
Friends affirm and support children's interests.
Teachers also affirm children and encourage them to try many things.
Children become fully absorbed in play, discovering the joy of learning.
By repeating this process, children develop the ability to follow
through on their curiosity and accomplish things on their own.
In other words, we nurture the joy independence and collaboration.


Playing Prepares Children

We want our children to have vibrant, happy lives in the coming age. We believe that the key to this is developing their independence. Rather than going along with the flow and doing the same thing as everyone else, we strive to empower children to trust their curiosity, immerse themselves in their interests, and work through challenges through play.

Create Environment That Empower

Some people may imagine that letting children play means leaving them alone. In reality, it's not so simple. In order to stimulate children's curiosity and further immerse children in play, we strive to create spaces that enable self-discovery through affirmation. By being attentive to our children's needs, watching over them and stepping in when needs be, we empower the children in our care.
This type of childcare requires experience and a high level of skill. Teachers carefully attend to changes in children's feelings and behavior, watching for that sparkle in their eyes as they begin to express their own individuality.

Open Communication

Nurturing children's confidence to excel doesn't stop at the end of the school day. The curiosity that sprouts in children will continue to grow even after they return home. That is why we always communicate with parents our thoughts on how their children are doing at kindergarten and encourage parents to share how their children are doing at home. We believe that by voicing concerns and sharing joyful moments openly, both teachers and parents will be better situated to help children grow at school and home.

Comprehensive School Lunch
for a Healthy Body and Mind

We provide daily school lunches and snacks handmade by our in-house nutritionist. Our school lunch is freshly made and nutritionally balanced, supporting children's dietary and energy needs. Alternative menus are available for children with allergies. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

(This month's school lunch)

Menu for
this month

Download in PDF.

Example of School Lunches

◎Ehomaki rice
◎Miso soup (onions and eggs)
◎Fried chicken
◎Setsubun Oni cookies

What is Setsubun? Setsubun is an event held on Feb 3rd or 4th to pray for a happy and healthy life. People often eat a large sushi roll called Ehomaki on Setsubun to bring luck. Special school lunches are often served on holidays or special events.

◎Miso soup
(bean sprouts and fried tofu)
◎Broccoli with Chinese dressing

◎Miso soup
(Mustard spinach, mushrooms)
◎Baked cod with mayonnaise


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Our Nursery Schools and Kindergartens

We (Asari Kyoiku Gakuen Educational Corporation, Asumoe Social Welfare Corporation,
and Jiyu Sozo Gakuen Educational Corporation) operate 13 kindergartens
and nursery schools across Shiraoi, Chitose, Sapporo, and Tomakomai in Hokkaido.

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